2 glasses of water and protein in the AM challenge….

I was reading in some magazine about how people think that they are not functional until they have had their 2 cups of coffee or soda in the morning. Well now people are saying that it is more the hydration than the caffeine that is helping people get going in the morning. This makes sense, I remember reading or hearing somewhere that if you get up first thing before doing anything else and drinking 2-8oz glasses of water, then do your morning routine, and getting a high protein breakfast, ie, eggs or even deli slices of ham or turkey, can really start your day and get you moving. I did it this morning and here I am knocking out my list, mind you I also got up and did a quick set of back stretches and exercises, which they also say can get a person going. Since I don’t do caffeine it is a hard comparison to see if the water is as effective as the caffeine, but I would guess no, but it could never hurt to get a couple extra glasses of water in before you start the day. Any coffee drinkers, let us know if you see a difference by drinking the 2 glasses of water even before your daily dose of caffeine. So would that mean you would be even more productive if you did the water and then the caffeine?? Let us know…..

~ by debt2dreams on December 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “2 glasses of water and protein in the AM challenge….”

  1. Yea no thanks! NOTHING comes before me and my cup of Joe first thing in the morning!!! LOL

    • GREAT!!! Shawn you are the perfect person to try this theory then….put the water by your bed, before you even get up, drink down the water, then get out of bed and get that coffee….let us know what happens…I am drinking my water and having a good morning so far….

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