Don’t Feed The Beast

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This is a great catch phrase to help you and/or others to focus on facts, positive thoughts and direct questions/answers between parties. Get rid of the hearsay, gossip, the “I want to hear your side of the story”, the he/she said, the third party accounts of situations and the judging of others. In any organization, group, collection of people, this always happens. I hate to say it but it is worse with women than with men. Recently I was in this exact situation, it was twisting me in knots, people coming up to me, me being just as bad as everyone else. It was eating at me for about 48hrs, I said enough was enough. So I began to hold up my hand when people approached me about the situation, I said, I am not going to Feed the Beast, I am through with it, no more. I will answer direct questions from the parties involved but I am not talking about it except with the parties directly involved. I didn’t want to hear anymore about what someone else said, none of that betters the situation, nothing gets resolved and it is emotional poison. Since I started using the phrase, how much easier things are, if someone else wants the situation to eat at them, their loss not mine. But by using this phrase and explaining you won’t be involved, you are rising above the junk and coming out a better person.


I don’t want to hear excuses, I want to hear solutions….

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If we could all live by this. It has gotten me a good bit farther in life and co-workers and bosses really appreciate it without even realizing it is being done for them. It is a totally teachable method, even on 7 and 8 year olds. I actually use it on my kids. They now know when the excuses start flowing, I put a finger up to stop the rant and even start to open my mouth, they say “I know what you are going to say….I don’t want to hear excuses, I want to hear solutions” Well that is easy enough, so we begin the process of brainstorming and figuring out what can be done to fix things. Placing blame or excuses doesn’t get you any closer to the end game, it’s irrelevant to moving forward, so skip the step, skip the acid emotions and get to the solution already. Yes this is easier said than done, I know, and it takes practice. Scary how many times in one day you can catch yourself, but once you break the old habit and start using this technique, it will make you not only a more productive person but a happier one as well. Try it today!–Awesome Saturday Morning activity

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We discovered these about a year ago and have been having a great time with them ever since. Every 2 weeks they have a different project to build at Lowes for kids and it is free. I go on-line and register usually once per month, you can sign up for 2 workshops in advance. We go in, get a package of the project, we put it together with cute little hammers, they have everything in the kit that you need. The kids have an apron where they get a patch that irons on when the project is complete and a certificate. It is really quite sensible to do because if we need to pick something up we usually get it on our Saturday morning trip. We also do the Home Depot Little Builders, that is the first Saturday of the month. You can’t register on-line for those you just fill paperwork out when you get there. At Home Depot you get pins to put on your apron. All the projects are great, but I will warn you, the old finished projects start to pile up quickly.

Mustgo Dinners–Save time and money on Meal planning and clean up the frig

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We grew up on Mustgo Dinners. My Mom used to say “everything in the Frig must go!” My kids think this is great because I put a little special twist on it, I create a menu to go with the “Dinner Evening Specials”. I go through the frig and list main dishes, side dishes, drinks, desserts. Now remember there isn’t any sense in giving choices out of the pantry or freezer, only include the items that you want gone out of the frig. The rule is nothing should be made, you can be re-creating or combining things in the frig for a meal option but don’t add to it–that is key. It saves not only on meal planning since everything is right there, money because we won’t end up throwing it away when it goes bad but it also cleans up the frig. Guess what we are doing for dinner tonight? 🙂

New Fountain Soda Dispensers at Burger King

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Okay so it doesn’t take much to entertain me. We got some coupons for BK in the mail the other day. We hadn’t been to our local BK for a while so we figured we would give it a whirl. Those new soda dispensers are cool. It is very difficult for me to find fountain soda since I like to drink caffeine-free diet soda. They usually offer Diet Coke/Pepsi and a Sprite but never a Sprite Zero or anything like that. Well this new fandangled dispenser not only has Sprite Zero it has about 5-6 other caffeine-free diet options, including powerade zero. Who knew? In addition to having all sorts of kinds of soda options, they add in the flavor variations as well, ie Raspberry, Cherry, etc. I can tell you it was fully entertaining for our 7 and 8 year olds. We tried so many different kinds. Probably not cool and down right annoying if the restaurant is busy but we went when it was dead and had a great time with it. This was the first time I had seen it so I don’t know if everyone will be going to this or just select locations and/or chains, not sure but I thought it was cool.

Breakfast Enchiladas-Yum!

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Over that weekend we were having brunch company, trying to figure out what to make, hubby started me thinking along the lines of breakfast burritos, well it turned into Breakfast Enchiladas and they were awesome. Very easy actually and I can’t believe I haven’t thought of it before.

Coat the bottom of a 13X9 pan with enchilada sauce, set aside. Then take a can of cream of mushroom soup and 8-16oz of sour cream(depending how much sour cream you like–I used what I had left of a 16oz container), and mix those in a bowl and set aside.

Now for the filling, you can use any of the following, I used eggs(12), drained-squeezed spinach(frozen), a couple handfuls, chopped up canned mushrooms–didn’t have any fresh, drained-squeezed canned tomatoes–I needed the fresh for other things later in the day, hey I said this was a last-minute change 🙂 We also had some sausage crumbles in the freezer. Mix all that together, and scramble in the fry pan. Make sure everything is well-drained or it will all separate and not be nearly as good. I had to split it in a couple different batches, when it came out of the pan, I layered with cheddar cheese and put a plate over so it would melt. Then when the mixture was all done, I scooped it into the shells, put them in pan, put the cream sauce over the top, covered with foil, put in 350 oven for say 20 minutes, then added cheddar on top, turn off oven and put back into oven until the company comes. Now if it starts to get crusty on the top throw the foil back over the top.

Or if you don’t want to do the oven thing, we had extra and were starving so we used the extra shells, stuffed the scramble in, used the cream sauce and a little salsa and ate them like that, that was awesome as well.

Small Acts of Kindness–Make your own day

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You always hear the phrase, “it is better to give than to receive”. Don’t ask a 6 year old child that at Christmas :-), but I am talking about adults. And in most cases the phrase fits. So taking that into account, they say if you are feeling glum, stressed, whatever, doing something nice….doesn’t have to be big, can make you feel better, more so than the recipient. I was the recipient of that yesterday, it made me feel great, and I believe the guy was feeling 10 feet tall, and it really was nothing but thoughtfulness on his part. We were at the Y yesterday for Homework Buddies. We came in and at the table there was a Publix guy, he was doing paperwork as well as our Retiree volunteer that does the Homework with my kids. We had just come from school, we were at a function and I got “pinned”, a program we do for our volunteers where the kids make cards, and the cards and pin are given to the classroom hero volunteer. Anyway, earlier in the week an article regarding our program was in the newspaper, it was an awesome article, great picture, headline, etc. I was talking to the retiree and said, yes I will take her paper from Tuesday because I was going to laminate the article for the participants in the pictures from school. We went on and the guy was continuing to work and the kids were loud etc. I said to the guy, “you probably aren’t getting much done”, he said “actually it was great to work with no interruptions”, I shook my head in agreement because I totally knew what he was talking about. He went on to say that he didn’t mean to eavesdrop but he heard that I was looking for papers, he had called his store, checked with his people and made sure they held back the papers he had left from Tuesday, he had twelve papers, that I could go by and pick them up. How nice was that? It was so thoughtful and the papers didn’t mean anything to him. The kids were excited and jumping down and I was saying thank you and the guy was grinning ear to ear. I am sure when he came to the Y he had no intentions of doing nothing but getting his paperwork done but along with getting his paperwork done, he got a nice jolt of happiness thrown in. And it doesn’t hurt that I won’t forget what a nice thing that was and I will make sure I go to his Publix and let everyone I know, know what I nice thing he did.

Be aware of what is around, you never know what little thing can make someone else’s day.