Failure: There is a silver lining you just have to look for it

We have all failed at something at one point or another. It may not have been a going down in flames kind of failure but a disappointment, a loss or an underachievement. In an article I read, see link below,there was the following quote: “It’s almost impossible to ask those questions while yelling at yourself, “I’m a failure,” or “There’s something wrong with me.” But when you shift your thinking, you make it possible to see what you can control—your behavior, your planning, your reactions—and change those things. The troubleshooting skills that you gain in the process are what you need to reach your goals.”

My most famous “failure” or maybe it could be called a lemon I made into lemonade. I was convinced to go into “business” with another woman who was a para-legal in a law office. She was familiar with the foreclosure process and said we could flip houses, I would arrange the money and she would do all the leg work. After many hours of planning on my side and her side, she sent me to the courthouse with everything we needed and I was going to get our first property. Long story short, instead of buying a 3/2 house on 4 acres, we bought a manufactured home that had been investigated for being a meth lab….opps. Wow, talk about a jolt to the system. It was a complete failure, I was shocked, I am sure all the regulars at the foreclosure sales were laughing at us. I just remember saying, “I am not quitting”. In all actuality I couldn’t, we had money sunk into it. So we rolled up our sleeves got to work and turned that house around and sold it for a healthy profit within 30 days. It was never our intention to get into the flipping of manufactured homes business, but it worked, within 6 months, it was known down with the regulars at the courthouse, leave the manufactured homes for the “ladies” as they chuckled behind their hands. Our business venture lasted about 1.5 years, the market changed, other people caught on to our niche and it didn’t make sense to continue what we were doing, so we moved on. But it was good while it lasted AND it was something we would NEVER have considered before the “Failure” of our first attempt.

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~ by debt2dreams on March 28, 2012.

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