Don’t Feed The Beast

This is a great catch phrase to help you and/or others to focus on facts, positive thoughts and direct questions/answers between parties. Get rid of the hearsay, gossip, the “I want to hear your side of the story”, the he/she said, the third party accounts of situations and the judging of others. In any organization, group, collection of people, this always happens. I hate to say it but it is worse with women than with men. Recently I was in this exact situation, it was twisting me in knots, people coming up to me, me being just as bad as everyone else. It was eating at me for about 48hrs, I said enough was enough. So I began to hold up my hand when people approached me about the situation, I said, I am not going to Feed the Beast, I am through with it, no more. I will answer direct questions from the parties involved but I am not talking about it except with the parties directly involved. I didn’t want to hear anymore about what someone else said, none of that betters the situation, nothing gets resolved and it is emotional poison. Since I started using the phrase, how much easier things are, if someone else wants the situation to eat at them, their loss not mine. But by using this phrase and explaining you won’t be involved, you are rising above the junk and coming out a better person.


~ by debt2dreams on April 23, 2012.

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