Can you freeze fresh carrots? NO, you can’t.

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Okay, so I knew in the back of my head that you cannot normally freeze fresh vegs without first blanching them. Some how I had picked that up along the way in my life experience. Well purely by accident I now know what happens to fresh carrots if you try to freeze them. Needless to say it can get crazy in our house in the mornings, especially if I don’t do lunch prep the night before. The other day I was in a hurry and I put an almost full 2 lb bag of baby whole carrots into the freezer instead of the frig…..grrrr. Later that day, I see the bag of carrots in the freezer, it took me a 1/2 a second to figure out that there was no one to blame in the house except myself. I knew they were probably ruined but I didn’t know what happens to them so I put them in the frig as an experiment. Finally after 2 days they thawed out, got brown and squishy. One of life’s little mysteries has been answered for us all.


Failure: There is a silver lining you just have to look for it

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We have all failed at something at one point or another. It may not have been a going down in flames kind of failure but a disappointment, a loss or an underachievement. In an article I read, see link below,there was the following quote: “It’s almost impossible to ask those questions while yelling at yourself, “I’m a failure,” or “There’s something wrong with me.” But when you shift your thinking, you make it possible to see what you can control—your behavior, your planning, your reactions—and change those things. The troubleshooting skills that you gain in the process are what you need to reach your goals.”

My most famous “failure” or maybe it could be called a lemon I made into lemonade. I was convinced to go into “business” with another woman who was a para-legal in a law office. She was familiar with the foreclosure process and said we could flip houses, I would arrange the money and she would do all the leg work. After many hours of planning on my side and her side, she sent me to the courthouse with everything we needed and I was going to get our first property. Long story short, instead of buying a 3/2 house on 4 acres, we bought a manufactured home that had been investigated for being a meth lab….opps. Wow, talk about a jolt to the system. It was a complete failure, I was shocked, I am sure all the regulars at the foreclosure sales were laughing at us. I just remember saying, “I am not quitting”. In all actuality I couldn’t, we had money sunk into it. So we rolled up our sleeves got to work and turned that house around and sold it for a healthy profit within 30 days. It was never our intention to get into the flipping of manufactured homes business, but it worked, within 6 months, it was known down with the regulars at the courthouse, leave the manufactured homes for the “ladies” as they chuckled behind their hands. Our business venture lasted about 1.5 years, the market changed, other people caught on to our niche and it didn’t make sense to continue what we were doing, so we moved on. But it was good while it lasted AND it was something we would NEVER have considered before the “Failure” of our first attempt.

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What does the KISS term stand for?

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Way back in the day, college, freshman year, I was in my first large auditorium class. I believe it was some kind of intro class, the only 2 things I remember was that we had to make a 5-10-15 year plan and the term KISS. The professor was some pompus guy and anytime I here the KISS term, I get a picture of this guy standing down in front in this huge lecture hall. So what does KISS stand for? Keep It Simple Stupid! That is it, it is sort of silly but I must say I have used the heck out of the term over the years and the guy did make it stick with me after all this time. So consider yourself “edumucated” for the day if you didn’t already know what this KISS term was 😉

Quote for the Day–

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“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”
— Hans Hofmann

It has taken me some time but I am finally realizing that the more I put on my task list for the day, the less I actually get done, isn’t that interesting. When I came to this quote it helped remind me that less is more. What I need to do is focus on 3 pivotal tasks for the day, until those are achieved nothing else should be distracting me. Period. Wow, keeping to this philosophy really keeps me focused.

USPS latest to get more junk mail creating more revenue

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I was reading an article regarding the USPS trying to generate more revenue. One newer revenue stream they have found is some on-line direct mail system small business can use by targeting certain zip codes. The article also referenced the potential for increasing postage to 50 cents, and consolidating distribution outlets. But in the article there was no mention of cutting down delivery days, so I figured I would do something different and create a poll, give your opinion.

Fun way to get kids to help around the house.

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We had such a productive and fun morning as a family on Saturday.   Our son has discovered the card game Phase 10, and he wants everyone to play it with him.  We made a deal Saturday morning, the whole family will sit down and play 1 phase, the winner of the phase chooses something all four of us are going to clean in the house together.  WOW, what a great time as a family, we spent over 3 hours, no technology, no fighting, it was amazing, who knows if we will ever have such an event again but it was a great experience and got things around the house done that we hadn’t done in a long time. I am sure this would work with any card game, ie. uno, crazy 8’s, Kings Corners, etc. Now that I think about it we have used Kinnect, we’ve bowled as a family and winner choose as well.

Green Eggs and Ham? Fun and easy change of pace….

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It was St. Patrick’s Day over the weekend and the kids came out of their rooms with green clothes on and said we want Green Eggs and Ham for Breakfast. I thought a minute. I had some spinach in the freezer, just a Ziploc bag that I had already thawed, chopped and drained for another recipe. I didn’t use it so I just popped it back in the freezer at the time. I got it out, defrosted in the microwave, scrambled some eggs, tossed the spinach in, dash of Lawry’s seasoning salt and cooked it….YUM!! We didn’t have any Ham but we did have bacon that I had previously cooked and froze so we pulled that out of the freezer, defrosted it, served with toast, and breakfast was great! Next time I believe I will use the spinach and add some mushrooms.