USPS latest to get more junk mail creating more revenue

I was reading an article regarding the USPS trying to generate more revenue. One newer revenue stream they have found is some on-line direct mail system small business can use by targeting certain zip codes. The article also referenced the potential for increasing postage to 50 cents, and consolidating distribution outlets. But in the article there was no mention of cutting down delivery days, so I figured I would do something different and create a poll, give your opinion.

~ by debt2dreams on March 21, 2012.

One Response to “USPS latest to get more junk mail creating more revenue”

  1. I would love to see them drop Saturday delivery. I have a few friends that are postal carriers and they say that it would cause a lot of extra work and craziness on Mondays and/or earlier in the week because of the volume. That doesn’t mean much to me since I don’t know what their Mondays are like now. If our mail took a little longer to get to it’s destination, no big deal. I have always been very please and very surprised by the prompt delivery of my mail.

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