Ways to Fight Fatigue

I am all about keeping the energy level up and these articles are always friendly reminders to help me stay on track. Here is a cheat sheet to the article I found, the full article can be found at the below link but here are the highlights that we can all make some quick adjustments and gain some of that energy back, especially with the recent time change.

1. Don’t load up on simple carbs before Noon. The article said it will give quick highs but the lows will get you. Stick with high protein for breakfast. I believe I will try this and go with a Protein shake in the AM, or maybe add protein powder to the oatmeal.

2. High protein-High Fiber snacks. Eat when you get hungry or your body will go into starvation mode. I do this, which is crazy for our meal schedule but keeps everyone from gorging when it comes to meal times.

3. Take multi-vitamen for energy, makes sense. It said to keep your immune system strong so you don’t get sick as much.

4. Get your rest. It says to get 8 hours, but sometimes you may not need it. My personal philosophy is if the alarm isn’t waking me up that means I am getting enough sleep. But we are early to bed, early to rise people, my natural wake time is usually around 5am, very seldom do I hear a 5:15am alarm my husband sets. If I do, I know I need to get to bed early the next night to make sure I am getting my sleep.

5. Hydration is key. I am a firm believer in this. Get those 8 glasses in. When I am feeling sleepy or none motivated, I slug water, low and behold, my energy level rises 4 out of 5 times when I do this.

6. Walk at least 10 minutes a day. I agree, I hate to plan for a walk/exercise but I never regret it once I start moving, and 10 minutes won’t kill anyone’s schedule.

7. Breathe deep to relieve stress: a direct quote:

  • Deep breathing exercise: Put your right hand over your stomach. Start by taking in a deep breath for 2 seconds. Then slowly breathe out for 4 seconds. Repeat for at least one minute until you feel rested.

I hope this helps you to tackle things better to get through the rest of the week, I know it has helped me to remember the basics.




~ by debt2dreams on March 15, 2012.

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