A Twist on Italian Night for Dinner–Something Fun

I am always trying to think of ways to do the same old things in a different way to keep it fun. Spaghetti night can get old, so we have come up with something different. We do the pasta sample dinner. With Publix offering BOGO all the time on Spaghetti Sauce this makes it easy. When/If you have the kids with you at the Grocery store, everyone gets to pick a pasta sauce they think they would like best. White sauce, red sauce, chunky, traditional, whatever. All our different likes brings surprises to our picks, and it is interesting trying new sauces. What we do is cook up a pot of whatever pasta the kids picked at the store as well, yes I like to delegate shopping decisions, makes meal prep easier because they picked it so I know they will like it. Then we all sample the different sauces to see if our favorite is still the best or perhaps another gets our fancy. And since the pasta is hot, we just pour the sauce from the jar(gasp), stir and add parm cheese. That way the pasta cools to the right temp for the kids when mixed with the sauce, and makes for quick prep.


~ by debt2dreams on March 14, 2012.

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