What to do with a cake that is raw in the middle? Disaster to Delicious

We were having a sleepover party for our little girl Friday night, our plan was to have the girls help make the cake. As soon as they were in the pool, there was no getting the girls out, our daughter says, “Mom you can just make it”. Okay, but with everything going on and more girls arriving it got crazy, the timer went off on the oven, and I had my husband check if it was done and take it out. 15 minutes goes by and I go into the kitchen, the whole center of the cake is sunk. Ugg, now what to do, I would have to wait to throttle hubby until later now was time to divert disaster. First thing, flip it it onto a round pizza pan that I was going to use to serve it on, release the spring form pan, I then dig out the center that is raw. At this point I have a good 4-5 inch diameter hole down to the pizza pan, it looked like a donut. I get it all carved out, then throw it in the freezer to get it nice and cold and get out the Neapolitan ice cream I was going to serve with the cake and let it get a bit soft, not too soft just enough to get it to form. I then take the ice cold cake out, fill it with the ice cream, frost it, put the sprinkles on it, and throw it back in the freezer. It was time for the cake to be served. It turned out perfect!! The girls thought it was sooooo cool that I made an ice cream cake and every last piece was eaten.


~ by debt2dreams on March 12, 2012.

One Response to “What to do with a cake that is raw in the middle? Disaster to Delicious”

  1. Great solution! Where is the photo?

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