AC not blowing cold? What I have learned….

The AC/heat pump in the Master didn’t do real well this winter, it didn’t seem like the air ever warmed up, same with the Bonus room. We were frustrated but it wasn’t important enough to call someone in. Well it has gotten warmer and we went to turn the AC on, didn’t really get cold but didn’t think much about it, then the power went completely dead and we had to call an AC guy out. They checked everything, said it must be the breaker, but he was going to have to charge us quite a bit to change out, but since we have an electrician in the family we declined the offer/charge. BUT he did say that the issue with the unit not blowing cold/warm had to do with the pressure, he put a gizmo on the unit and it should be around 130 it was at 70. Definite problem. He said he wasn’t concerned about a leak, it could have been like that since installation or after 8 years that it just needed more pressure, he added pressure. The Bonus room has never blown cold, he explained that depending on who installed it, there are installers and there are technicians. If the installers put it in without checking all the components like a technician then it could have come from the factory like that and never adjusted on-site, which is supposed to be done. An easy way to check your AC, if there is HOT air coming out of the outside unit that means it is blowing cold inside, but if it is blowing luke warm to cool off the outside unit your pressure probably needs to be checked. So our service call of confirming power issue and then adding pressure to 2 of the 3 units was $219, our third unit was blowing hot air outside so the pressure didn’t even have to be checked. We will easily re-coup that once we need to turn the AC’s back on. The Bonus room has never been cool, we could run it 8 hours and it still wouldn’t shut off and not be cool, we had it on for 4 minutes and the temperature dropped immediately. The results were amazing. If you are in Central Florida call Tradition Air, fantastic people, we have had to have them out 2 times and both times we really felt like we got a fair deal and the technicians took the time to explain what they were doing.


~ by debt2dreams on March 6, 2012.

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