Volunteerspot.com, what a great tool and say good-bye to all those email chains

Being involved with volunteering at school, someone brought this website to our attention, what a great website.  You can send a request in calendar form to an email distribution list, the site will keep track of what has been covered and what is still needed.  You can do this with class parties, meaning who is bringing what.  Then as the date approaches the website sends automatic reminders.  It is wonderful.  It is easy to navigate as well.  My 71 YO Mom went on and signed up for some volunteering things and she said it was easy…woohoo, that is saying something.   And you may ask, how much does it cost?  It is FREE….well there are upgraded features which we don’t use but the basic features have really met our needs and makes coordinating events much easier for all involved.  We highly recommend it.


~ by debt2dreams on February 29, 2012.

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