Cash Flow Game For Kids–AMAZING game that teaches kids about money

With a 6 and 8 year old in the house in this economy, it only makes sense to start them out early and help them understand about money.  My daughter who is in first grade is learning math facts and addition and subtraction of money.  They are both learning about Passive income and making money choices that they usually wouldn’t do until they were in their twenties.  They LOVE the game, we played it over the weekend and they were begging to play again and again.  It doesn’t take long before they are little money moguls and knowing exactly what to do in the game, what is and is not a good deal and what is a wise and unwise choice.  Wow, they probably got more out of playing this game as kids than I got with my MBA degree.  I also have the adult Cash Flow game which an eye opener for anyone.  I offer all my clients a game night, the game itself is a bit expensive but since I use it as a very effective tool to teach the concept of money it was well worth the cost.  I would say it would also be a great exercise for High Schoolers as they are looking at furthering their education and deciding on careers.

If anyone is in the Central Florida area and would like to play, I would be more than happy to have you over.


~ by debt2dreams on February 21, 2012.

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