3 Ways to Work Out your Brain

Being a Financial Organizer, anything that can help me to sharpen my skills is a plus.  Why not pass that info along.  An article regarding things that a person can do to keep the brain organized and focused.  The full article link is below, the 3 things they spoke about were:

1.  Tapping into your logical side.  They spoke about looking at spreadsheets, expense reports, etc.  When reviewing such documents, it makes your brain start looking at things in the same fashion, orderly and systematic, makes sense.

2.  Flex your memory Muscles.   The simple act of going over in your mind what you will accomplish for the day actually stimulates your working memory which is the part of the brain that helps you store and use complex information.  By stimulating it, that keeps it more aware and focused on your tasks at hand.  If  you get off track, exercise that working memory by revisiting that mental list and it will align you to where you need to be.

3.  Give yourself a Break.  This was interesting.  The brain can handle about 60 minutes of focus on any one thing.  To continue progress, take a break and come back to an activity.  This “resets” the brain and the focus can again be jump started.

Hope these things help you get more organized for the day.


~ by debt2dreams on February 17, 2012.

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