When do stores mark down the meat? I am finding a pattern

I think I am getting my local Walmart Supercenter figured out.  I get a client payment every other week on Thursday.  My bank is in the local Walmart so I always grab what I need so that I don’t have to make a trip with the kids along.  I have been going past the meat counter the last few times and have found that a bunch of the meats are marked down.  My guess is Friday is payday as well as the start of the weekend so they are cleaning out their stock to put fresh in.   I am not that picky so I will pick up the marked down hamburger because I usually pick it up to re-stock the freezer anyway.  I split the bulk packages into 1lb portions and put it in 1 quart sized freezer bags, flatten it, totally fits the bag and then I can stack them neatly into the freezer, pull out when I need it, and it defrosts evenly as well.   So besides the hamburger there were steaks and boneless ribs, which were of interest to me.  For some reason my Friday is tough and always tempting to go eat out.  So I picked up some boneless ribs, one of my husband’s favorites, my easy-peasy recipe can be found in the recipe section under Fast & Easy way to make Boneless ribs.   Now I have a great menu plan for tomorrow and I know it will be a family pleaser.  A nice way to start off the weekend.


~ by debt2dreams on February 16, 2012.

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