Getting Things Done Tip–Tackling the Big Project(s)

To continue on the great tips I am picking up in the book, Getting it Done.  I have already covered the 2 minute drill and the focus aspect, I know what you are thinking, what about that HUGE project that is hanging over your head?  It doesn’t help to make your big project your focus point for the day, if it is too huge and overwhelming, your focus will flounder, you will get distracted and go back in the procrastination mode.  The question the author asked was, “what is the next physical act you need to do on the project to move it forward?”   That makes sense, not too hard.  I will give you my example.  Taxes.  Ugg, I had let my paperwork slip this past year.  How I would clean my desk would be to do a clean sweep into a box and label the date.  I know, I know, horrible for a financial organizer, funny I love to do money so my spreedsheets and financials are always the first I want to do.  But organizing the office….overwhelming.  So, what was my first physical step to getting the taxes done.  Go through the boxes of papers, the method GTD has taught me to get this task done will be another blog entry.  But my point is, that is what I focused on each day over the weekend, go through a box.  Not too bad, not overwhelming, even got carried away and did some extra sifting through to try to find as many receipts and CC statements as possible.  So what is the next physical thing YOU have to do on that big project?  Focus on that one action today, see what happens.


~ by debt2dreams on February 14, 2012.

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