Getting Things Done Tip– Focus

This is something I tried over the weekend. It was very helpful. My problem is that any given point I can have 70-90 tasks on my outlook task list. In the GTD Book it talks about how people are so overwhelmed with everything they have in their heads, on lists, in task lists that it actually paralyzes them from getting ANYTHING done. It is true, I chug along on my task list for about 2 hours but never get the meat and bone items that are significant and that always hang over me. So over the weekend, I did something different. I ignored the task list and focused on 4 main things I really wanted to get done. I didn’t get distracted, discouraged, frustrated about ALL the things on the list, I just kept going back to my 4 focal points for the day. I did get some other things along the way done with my 4 items but the key was, at any given time, I wasn’t floundering or overwhelmed, I was focused, feeling fantastic and feeling in control of my day. Depending on the size you may only want to work on 2 or 3. I will address the taking on large projects in another blog entry.

~ by debt2dreams on February 13, 2012.

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