Moen Facuet–Free Lifetime parts, or Replacement for a fee.

Wow, it pays to do a little research.  We have been having trouble with our kitchen faucet, it is a sprayer one handle Moen that came with the house.  It has been acting up and somehow had come off its fitting and wasn’t rotating between the 2 sinks easily.  My frustration level was rising and I asked my husband to try and do something.  Easier said then done, but we are google nuts so off he went to research what could be done to fix it.  He now knows much about installing a faucet but was no closer to fixing our issue.  He got on the Moen website, they have a customer support center, that is even open on Saturdays.  So we called and talked to a really knowledgable guy, we described, he asked questions back and very quickly came to what the issue was.  He stated that all parts are lifetime warranty free and that he would be happy to assist getting us parts but that would require us to take the insides of the actual faucet apart OR we could get a brand new replacement faucet for a $55 fee.  Well since we discoverd during our research that we had a $425 faucet(we had no idea the thing cost that much until we started researching replacement), in addition we aren’t the handiest of people, the inside of the faucet has about 25 parts  and the actual faucet is over 9 years old, for us it was a no-brainer.  No receipts, no warranty cards, nothing needed, just had to describe, confirmed location and style of Moen mark on faucet and we were done.  What a great company to work with, I will definitely keep that in mind for future purchases.


~ by debt2dreams on February 12, 2012.

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