Quick Lunch/Dinner at Home or in the Office–Ravioli, the frozen kind

Found a new thing for me, something different as far as pasta, had never bought the GV brand Ravioli but thought I would give it a try, I was going between the Meat or just the cheese, the kids chose the cheese.  I have since tried the beef which in my opinion is better than the cheese.  Very quick dinner as well, I just left the package on the counter to thaw after lunch.  Lined a glass 7X9 pan with sauce layered ravioli, sauce, ravioli,etc.  Covered with plastic wrap, poked holes in it put it in the microwave.  I used the directions on the back of the bag.  Came out great…and quick!  It is a 25 oz bag (cost 2.72) so it made about 4 layers and fed our family of 4.  Add a BOGO jar of sauce from Publix and we are talking $4 for a meal for the family.   But now what I have discovered this quick tasty meal, I put a bag in the frig.  I pull out some for lunch, pop in the microwave, I use the little fancier Bertolli Vodka sauce, so yummy and it is Mommy’s treat with peace and quiet surrounding me.   This is ideal for an office situation as well, probably heats faster than those frozen meals that can cost $2-5 each.


~ by debt2dreams on February 8, 2012.

One Response to “Quick Lunch/Dinner at Home or in the Office–Ravioli, the frozen kind”

  1. We eat these at least once a month. It is a perfect meal for quickness. We prefer the cheese filling. I boil the ravioli and we apply the sauce to each one, since we aren’t big sauce eaters and top with parmeasan cheese! My older boys have started putting a layer of ravioli on their garlic bread, then sauce and then the parm. cheese. This is a guarenteed full belly meal for us with no complaining!

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