Stop Worrying about Money Series–Stock Portfolio

To continue the stop worrying series, where we are discussing the Suze Orman article, link below.  Here is the next area that she discussed.

Your Stock Portfolio–I don’t know about this one, you can read Suze’s full input from link below.  I don’t necessarily agree, you really can’t stick your head in the sand but if you are comfortable with the mix of your investments than I guess this is sound advice.  The key would be if you have the right mix.  Everyone’s situation is so different so this is a hard one to do a broad sweep with.  I personally don’t sweat my investment plan(notice I don’t say stock portfolio), because it is a sound one that I am confident in and have run the numbers and have set goals and have plans in place.  Do I ignore it?  No, I am reviewing it on a consistant basis and am always evaluating what my plan is doing vs what is out there and available.  But do I lose sleep over it?  Nope, that is the key.  You must be comfortable with what you have for a plan, if not find someone you can trust that can help you put a plan together.


~ by debt2dreams on February 2, 2012.

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