Hot and Quick Breakfast, go figure, tried and true

Drum roll please… oatmeal, before you groan….I would be doing the same thing. Judd got a craving and bought a box at the store. WOW, even I thought it was yummy, but of course, I melt better on top and sprinkle about a teaspoon of sugar over the top of the butter. Served with a big glass of milk. The GV brand, Morning Trio, Maple & Brown Sugar, Baked Apple and Cinnamon Roll(my favorite). It runs about 17 cents a bowl. Which I am sure I can get a canister of quick oats, add Cinnamon & Sugar sprinkle, butter and brown sugar and get the same result at a cheaper price. So now I am adding that to our rotation with cold cereal when I get a BOGO, but cereal goes quick in our house and it isn’t cheap. I make 2 egg omelets pretty quick, bagels when on sale but again, go through a bag for one breakfast. I have found cinnamon and sugar toast as a cheaper substitute, but with the oatmeal it just gives us another option. Oh and pancakes, I cook a huge batch on the weekend and then we can heat and eat during the week. I have done this with sausage and bacon when we feel the craving for it, cook a whole bunch up and stick it in the freezer, defrost in the AM if someone wants some. French toast is another crowd pleaser.

Please add any of your breakfast options in the comments section to keep our rotations from getting stale with the family.



~ by debt2dreams on January 17, 2012.

One Response to “Hot and Quick Breakfast, go figure, tried and true”

  1. Great post! Some of our favorites:

    A double batch of waffles (Betty Crocker cookbook), leftovers all week and can be reheated in the toaster or frozen for another week.

    Yougurt with frozen blueberries and granola (frozen blueberries freeze the yogurt around the berries and make it taste like blueberry ice cream.

    Toast with peanut butter, honey and sprinkled with cinnamon (just as yummy as a donut).

    Toast with peanut butter and slices of banana.

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