Need to replace pool pump? IntelliFlo–Variable Speed Pool Pump-Pentair–It makes Financial Sense

If you have a pool and need to replace your pool pump or if you are considering putting a pool in, you need to look at a variable speed pool pump.  The pool pump is more pricey than the run of the mill pool pump BUT the amount of money you will save running your pool will well be worth the cost up front.  According to my calculations it was costing over $2 per day to run the pool pump, that doesn’t sound like that big a deal but $60 of my electric bill was due to my pool?  That stinks.  With the variable speed pump we were able to set it at speed 2 (273w)because we have 2 waterfalls we needed it a bit higher, we also found our waterfall output dial and turned it up so we didn’t need to go to speed 3(902w).  For our pool we need the variable speed because we have a hot tub, so when we go in it and need the pump for the stronger flow/bubbles we can turn it up to speed 3 or 4(1975w).  Prior to the variable speed pump, our pump was I believe 4 horse to handle the hot tub needs, but ran that high for every day use.  WOW, that money adds up.  According to the calulations, we went from over $2 ave. per day to 29 cents per day, which is $9 per month, I will sign up for that program, so we save over $51 per month.  Of course it is lower for the winter months and higher during the summer months when we have to run the pump more but on average those are great numbers.  The break-even analysis for this would be just under 2 years.  Definitely worth it, especially if you are in need of replacing the pump anyway.  Please note I believe there are different brands out there for Variable speed pumps, I am not particularily attached to this brand, it just happens our Solar Installer gave us a GREAT deal and the rest of our equipment was Pentair as well so it was fine with us.


~ by debt2dreams on January 16, 2012.

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