Quick Fresh–Steam Cycle–This feature is extremely valuable

I was a bit skeptical regarding all the new fandangle features that are coming with the dryers today. I didn’t think I would use them but the model I wanted came with all the bells and whistles. Well one pleasant surprise that we have come across is the Quick Fresh–Steam Cycle. I really wasn’t sure but the salesman was trying to sell this feature so we figured we would try it. OMG, we put in Judd’s work clothes, he works in an office so it is dress casual. This feature is AMAZING. It totally worked, all the clothes came out smelling clean. So unless something is spilled on them, there is no need to have to wash everything every week. I am really excited in trying this with other clothes, it will probably not work with the kids because they get everything dirty but definitely for those clothes that aren’t exactly dirty but don’t smell wash fresh either, it may be just the thing. On second thought, our daughter who changes clothes 3 times per day, we may be able to use it with her. Imagine the wear-and-tear on the clothes that won’t happen through washing. As well as the time doing laundry and resources using the washer and dryer cycles.

So this skeptic is sold and now a believer in this particular bell & whistle.


~ by debt2dreams on January 15, 2012.

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