Solar–TECO–the hoops are big but well worth it

We have gone Solar in a big way.  It was finally making financial sense.  We are going to receive the 30% tax credits, no limit per year as it had once been.  As well as a $2 per watt from TECO who is our local electric company.  This was the missing linking that tipped the scales into being financially viable.  The program from TECO is duplicating programs from other utilities all over the country.  The process was a bit tedious but with a good solar installer company, which we had, they were a huge help in jumping through the hoops, that is important.  Without a good, timely installer you could fail to comply with the electric companies 90 day policy and lose out on the rebate.  And from what we are understanding that has happened quite a bit.  It also helps that I was in constant communication with TECO rep as well as our installer to make sure things were covered.  We put in a 7.59KWH system(33 panels).  Our first full month was Dec, which is the lowest producing solar month in our region, we produced 954KWH, which is well above expectations for our system.  We couldn’t be happier.  Our bill will be $10.50 with credits for future months for appr. 8 months, but with the credits we are building now we may only have to pay out for electric two months per year.  Woohoo, that is what is so exciting.

If you want to see the system production in real time, we have a website we can look at any time to see what production is for any given panel or timeframe.   Me being a numbers person, this aspect of our system is exciting.  Our numbers for January are already running a projected over 1000KWH for the month, which is the second lowest solar producing month of the year.

Our break-even analysis was with the published numbers, and it was just over 6 years.  We are sitting probably just over 5 now, with the numbers that are coming in real time.  We keep our cars longer than that, We are going to blink and those years are going to sneak by and the system will continue for years and years with free electricity, this makes me a happy camper.


~ by debt2dreams on January 14, 2012.

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