Using Sam’s Click-n-Pull to check out prices

Learned something new and have loved using this feature to check on prices.  We are actually going to check out the service as well since my husband works near one in the next town over.  That way he can swing by after work and pick up the order I placed, hence not tempted to over-spend and it is quick business of getting what is needed.

Onto what I have learned.  The click-n-pull link has just about every item at Sam’s.  Have you ever been in Sam’s and wondered if it is a better deal to buy in bulk?  Don’t assume it is, I have found it is hit or miss, sometimes it is the same price or even more than you can get at Walmart or Publix.   Or maybe thinking if the Publix BOGO(Buy One, Get One) would be a better deal?  Now there is no guess work.  It is Friday morning, the new Publix ad is posted on the internet on Thursday.  So I just went through the ad, made my shopping list, put question marks by the items that I need to price at Walmart/Sam’s to see if it makes sense.  Then I just looked up the item on click-n-pull(if it is a specific brand I do a search on it), it is really nice it has pictures of the items so you can confirm that is what you would buy.  Then I determine the price it should be to be a deal from the publix ad.  By doing this I know I am getting the best possible price on an item taking into consideration BOGO’s and Sam’s.  Please note this doesn’t take into consideration coupons, that is something else that would need to be checked out.


~ by debt2dreams on January 13, 2012.

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