Go Figure–Cheap and Easy Pasta is the crowd pleaser

I was shopping last weekend and was going to pick up some Lipton Pasta Side Dish packets. The selection was slim and the choice was angel hair, olive oil and parmesan or chicken pasta. Well I was going to pair it with Keabosa and Buttered Carrots so I wasn’t into the chicken flavor, and I thought to myself, olive oil and parmesan? I can make that myself…plus I had left over linguine from a meal in the frig. So I said, why not? Let’s try it. Grilled the Keabosa on the grill, tossed the pasta, olive oil, parmesan, Lawry’s garlic salt and Lawry’s seasoning salt. WOW, I am good, it was so tasty, kids liked more parmesan sprinkled on top of pasta at the table, I didn’t need more parm at the table. BIG HIT plus it used up my leftover pasta, and I didn’t have to spend the money at the grocery store for the side dish. Hubby and kids both gave a thumbs up.

Know of any quick side dishes you make with leftovers?


~ by debt2dreams on January 12, 2012.

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