Easy Way to Cook Frozen Vegetables

My Mom had gotten me a pack of those steamer bags, I got spoiled with them but was too cheap to buy more when I ran out.  But I loved how fresh the vegs tasted when they were steamed.   Somehow I have gotten into the habit of getting the 16oz package of frozen vegs.  By the way, Walmart brand frozen vegs are 98 cents, which is cheaper than buying bulk either by the 2lb or even the 5lb, go figure.  I keep all varieties in the freezer so we can pull what we need with what meal.  I now have it down to a science.  I use a glass loaf pan, put a package of the frozen vegs in, put a splash of water in, 2 tablespoons, if you are a measurer.  I cover with plastic wrap, put on for 6 minutes, let sit in the microwave for a little while, when I am getting everything else for the meal ready.  Get it out of micro, careful it will be hot, I use hot pads, drain put back in glass pan(it is a nice serving dish and I don’t dirty another dish), then add butter and Lawry’s seasoning salt.  My kids LOVE corn, carrots, peas, whatever I cook using this method, the vegs always turn out great, they taste as good as fresh, well maybe not but great for frozen 😉


~ by debt2dreams on January 11, 2012.

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