Did you know there are Gas appliance rebates out there when you upgrade?

If you have been reading the blog, you probably have figured out they have all been related to my latest expenditure, a dryer. We have lived in our house that is piped with natural gas for almost 9 years and we have been patiently waiting for our electric dryer to die, so we could go gas. Check out the blog entry about the cost usage between gas vs. electric.  Anyway, we are winding down our process of the dryer, it was delivered and piped for gas yesterday. I went to our local gas company website, found the form needed, and filled out, waited for the delivery guys and gas guy. Put the paperwork together and faxed off to get my $150.  Not bad, the gas guy cost $105,(that included the “gas kit” since we had electric until this point, he also fixed our gas heater for our pool/hot tub that had a loose wire(thank goodness). For the actual dryer itself, we got a competitor’s price match which was only $30 higher than the electric version of the dryer. So upgrading to gas netted us about $15 AND it will save us about 1/2 the energy cost every time we run a load through the dryer. Not bad.

Please note, even if you have gas appliances now, if you upgrade, there is still money to grab so make sure you check into it locally. We will probably go tank less water heater when our current gas heater dies, I assume it is quite pricey since the rebate is pretty big as well. I am sure that will be a future blog 🙂

~ by debt2dreams on January 10, 2012.

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