Does the old Whirlpool Duet Pedestals fit the new Duet’s? YES they do, no matter what anyone says.

This is the question I had.  We asked 3 different stores, 2 saying yes they would fit, 1 saying no.  AND Whirlpool themselves said a resounding NO the old pedestals don’t fit the new machines.   Of course they said this, they want to sell you new ones.   To back up a bit, our 12 year old Duet dryer died.  We wanted to replace the dryer, not the washer and use the pedestal.  Logical right?  Wrong, huge run around, second guessing ourselves, researching the silly owner manuals, trying to link diagrams from the old pedestals to the new ones. Well taking a tape measure to the store to see what the difference was, the best plan, we found out some intersting things.  The top of the new dryer over-hangs the back of the new machine by about 2 inches but fits the old pedestal to a T.  The new washers over-hang the new pedestals, hence the old pedestals, by 2 inches.  It is the EXACT same frame for the pedestal, 24X27, the difference was the height.  Ours are 13, the new being 10 or 15.5 high.

So lessons learned, as my dad always says, measure twice, cut once.  Saved ourselves $249 on the dryer pedestal and will eventually do the same when the washer dies.



~ by debt2dreams on January 9, 2012.

38 Responses to “Does the old Whirlpool Duet Pedestals fit the new Duet’s? YES they do, no matter what anyone says.”

  1. Thank you for this information, was just going to waste money on the new ones!!!

  2. To top it off the store said the delivery guys wouldn’t touch the old pedestals, well I was all prepared to do it myself. The delivery guy waved me away and said it would be faster if he did it. I said, feel free.

  3. I can confirm. I just had a new Duet washer, Model WFW94HEXW2, installed to replace my original Duet washer from 2004, Model GHW9250MT0, and the old pedestal fit the new washer just fine.

  4. I can confirm the older pedestals do indeed fit the newer Duet models! I purchased a new set this week and installed my 9 year old pedestals to the new units without a hitch. As stated above, the delivery guys WILL NOT touch the older pedestals, so be prepared to tackle it yourself! It is easily done, but standing the washer back up is a chore and will take a minimum of two folks to pull it off. Good luck!

  5. Confirmed here too! 10 minutes later 10 year old pedestal looks lovely on brand new duet dryer. thanks!

  6. Thanks for setting up this page!
    Confirmed that Whirlpool duet washer (WFW8640BW) fits on top of an 8-year old pedestal. At first the installers refused to install it but when I told them I won’t accept the delivery until they at least tried it, they did, and it fit perfectly.

  7. Thanks for this page!
    We don’t have pedestals but have a “stack kit”. Anyone know if the old Whirlpool stack kit fits with a new Whirlpool washer and older dryer?

  8. Thanks for this page, it’s been very helpful! I am using the “latest” model Whirlpool Duets – WFW70HEBW and would like to know if anyone is using the XHP1550VW pedestals for them? If so, would you be able to snap a picture and upload or sent it to I’ll upload the picture onto my server where others can view it if they have the same question. Thanks again for your help, guys!

  9. Just wanted to add my two cents… I am not sure of model numbers but I had bought the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer in November of 2004 with the pedestals. I have just replaced them with new ones (the clerk referred to them as the 88s – i think this is because there is 88 in the model number) this week (May 2014). The pedestals fit perfectly!

  10. Thanks for sharing your info. We just bought a new Duet washer (WFW70HEBW) from LOWEs to replace our 11 year old washer
    (GHW9100LW2) which died. We kept our old 13″ pedestal (LAB2700MQ)
    and the guys from LOWEs had no trouble installing it on our new machine. Like somebody said earlier…there is some overhang but it’s in the back where you can’t see it. Nice!!

  11. Just bought new Duet (WGD95HED) and dryer to from LOWES replace 11+ year old models (washer-GHW920) Bought pedestals in 2003 for previous Duet’s. We called Whirlpool, they said we needed new pedestals. We read comments on this site and took a chance. The old pedestals fit GREAT! I gave the installers each a $20 tip and they attached them for me. Ok, they don’t look as good as new pedestals would have looked, but they look like $500 savings to me! Thank you everyone for your previous comments!

    • I had a Whirlpool washer and dryer that were 8 to 10 years old that I replaced today and they did indeed fit on my old pedestals. The washer is about two inches deeper than the old one and overhangs the pedestal in back by that amount but all of the mounting holes matched up perfectly. Don’t let the sales person or anyone at Whirlpool tell the olds one won’t work because they do.

  12. Thank you so much for posting your findings! You saved me $250. I was in the same boat as you. My 2005 Duet dryer died and I decided to get the same brand/line to save on getting a new pedestal stand. Information online regarding compatibility was very unclear until I found your posting. Whirlpool has made a DELIBERATE attempt to force buyers to purchase new XHP1550VW pedestal stands when buyers do NOT need to do so. Whirlpool has done this in a number of ways. They have purposefully omitted any dimension documentation for the new stand from their support website to prevent anyone from doing a comparison. When I looked at the documentation for the new WED72HEDW dryer I was purchasing, the dimensional drawing shows the dryer to be 3″ deeper than my current stand, when it is really only 3″ deeper at the top of the dryer and the body/base is EXACTLY the same depth and width as my old LAB2700MQ base. The drawing doesn’t portray it that way. They have changed the height of the new stand 15.5″ vs. the old stand 13″. On Q&A webpages on Best Buy’s website Whirlpool customer service has responded to customer inquiries with outright LIES at times stating that the old stand is not compatible with a new dryer. At other times on that site they have stated that they don’t know or haven’t tested it, so they can’t say. I also found occasions where they say it might fit but really won’t work because it won’t be ascetically pleasing and won’t match the look of the new dryer. My old pedestal stand looks just fine with my new dryer. I’d never know they weren’t a matched set. When I went to Lowes and purchased my new dryer, the salesman tried to tell me my old stand would never work with the new dryer. I told him I had researched it online and understood it would work. His response – “You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.” Then I guess I can’t believe any of the reviews about your company’s good service online? When the delivery men arrived to install my new dryer the foreman assured me that the old stand would not work with the new dryer. I assured him I had done my research and it would work. He argued with me for a few minutes and then said he would try it just to show me it wouldn’t work. Lo and behold, it was a perfect fit! What a joke! They are probably all in on the scam getting compensated down the line for any unwitting victims they can dupe into buying a new stand. Makes me wonder about the new power cord the Lowes salesman tried to convince me to buy for $27. I told him I would reuse the old power cord and he noted the delivery men wouldn’t install that and I’d have to do that myself. Fine by me, it’s just a few screws. When I told the deliverymen I’d be taking care of that, they said that they had to install a new cord by law and would take care of it for me at no charge. They must carry extras in the truck to deal with people like me who didn’t fall for the new power cord scam. I’m guessing all sellers are mandated by law to provide one, but Lowes has broken it out as a separate accessory to increase profits. Also, a note about Lowes and their free, seven days a week, next day delivery service on appliances. I bought my dryer on a Friday and they tried to tell me it wouldn’t be delivered until Tuesday because it was the holiday season and they were very busy with lots of deliveries each day. So hire another truck. It’s not my problem you didn’t plan well. Either give me an additional discount or honor your pledge. Had to get a manager override to honor their advertised commitment, but I took delivery the next afternoon despite the salesman’s assurances that it would likely be near midnight, if I wanted it the next day. The whole experience is like buying a used car. They should be ashamed. Buyer beware!

  13. thankyou! Same misinformation provided by sears sales staff — and same success with install: new whirpool (WFW72HEDW) on an old pedestal (LAB2700MQ)

  14. I just bought a new Whirlpool Duet washer Whirlpool Duet WFW72HEDW Front-Loading Washer from Best Buy to replace my older Duet model. I was informed by the sales rep at Best Buy that it would fit on my older Whirlpool pedestal. After reading one of the reviews that said that it would not fit and that it must be a bad marketing flaw and design on the part of Whirlpool, I became worried that I would have to cancel my delivery. I am so relieved that this post exists. I would like to give a SHOUT out to the sales rep Johnathan at Best Buy Thousand Oaks for not being one of those other reps that work at places that state that the old stand is not compatible.

  15. Thank you for starting this page! Heading out to buy my new Duvet dryer to put on my OLD pedestal!!!!

  16. Has anyone had experience using Whirlpool pedestals on Kenmore Front End that was manufactured by Whirlpool? I have a pedestal (from my sister) Whirlpool Model: WFW9640XW00 Serial: CS11401479 and my Kenmore is model: 110.47511701 serial: hlw4276451. Same question on dryer, but if will work on washer, will work on dryer!! Would be great to be able to use her old but in great condition pedestals!

  17. Thank you so much for all of this information. I have been researching this for a while. Does anyone know if the new Whirlpool Duet washers with steam will also fit on the old LAB2700MQ pedestal? I recently read a comment that said that the new washer and dryers with steam would not fit on these old pedestals. I’m not sure why that would make a difference???

  18. Thank you for posting all of this information. I have been researching it for some time. Now I am in the market for a set of new Whirlpool Duet washer/dryer and would like to know if the older pedestals will work with the washer set that has the steam. I read a comment on a store website that said the steam units will not work with them but I can’t imagine why it would make a difference.

  19. Thank you. We too find ourselves in a position of having to replace our 2004 Duet Washer (I guess we should be glad it lasted 10 years!) and we were hoping we would not have to also purchase a new pedestal. Sounds like we will not need to! We were glad to see the sale price on the Duet Base model WFW72HEDW was at $599 at Lowe’s when we needed a washer! Plus a $25 rebate for our local power company! We stopped thinking about fixing the bearing in our old one at that price.

    • How does the new Whirlpool Duet washer attach to the pedestal of the old Whirlpool Duet Sport washer? The old one attached with 4 screws. The delivery guys said it wouldn’t work and wouldn’t try. Thanks.

      • used the same screws, everything is the same, it just hangs over in the back like the brand new pedestals do as well. Compare the screws, they are the same–at least ours were.

  20. Just bought a new whirlpool duet steam wfw87hedw. My 12+ year old pedestal lab2700mq3 (originally on a whirlpool Duet washer ghw9150pw0) fit perfectly. The washer does hang over the back by 2 1/4 inches but you would never know as it’s perfect in the front. The mounting holes on the washer line up perfectly with the old pedestal. $250 bucks saved !!!!

  21. In 2007, I purchased the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer, models WFW9200SQ AND WED9200SQ (respectively) along with the 15.5″ pedestals, model WHP1500SQ. Last week the washer went and I replaced it with the newer model Duet – model WFW87HEDW. The girl at Best Buy wasn’t sure if the old pedestal would fit the new machine. The delivery guy was sure it would NOT fit. Before posting the pedestal on Craigslist, I thought I would check to make sure it wasn’t a lost cause. I’m happy to say that it does fit, albeit a couple inches overhang on the back. I can live with that!

  22. I just bought the Whirlpool WFW87HEDW because the Whirlpool Duet Sport I had is done. Will the pedestal I have work for this model? It is 24 in. deep and 27in. wide

  23. I also am about to replace an old Kenmore (Whirlpool) 110. HE2+ washer with a newer Whirlpool Duet and can’t afford the new pedestal to go with but getting pressured. Will take the chance and let you know. Thank you so much for this info. =)

  24. see all units except wfw92hefw…. will this unit fit on older whp15008q0 pedestal? Thanks for the info about the old pedestal fitting the new 72 series

  25. I just purchased the WFW92HEFC and WED92HEFC to replace an old set of Duets. I appreciate the information from all contributors. While at Best Buy, my wife noticed the new machines overhang the new pedestals (XHP1550VW) approximately 2″, just as has been described above for the new machines overhanging the old pedestals (LAB2700MQ).

    Evidently, it is a great profit center to sell the pedestals. So, there is a very great desire by both whirlpool and the sales staff of the different merchandisers to sell pedestals. They sometimes try to create the impression of incompatibility between the old pedestals and the new machines. They have to stay clear of outright lies, but can use vague language to try and sell more pedestals rather than affirming with a clear “yes, the new machines and old pedestals are compatible.”

    I shall know for sure in a couple of days when the machines are delivered. I am pretty confident I will be very happy with my new machine and old pedestals. I’ll let you know.

    • Update 11/28/16

      Best Buy set me up for drop off only. I purchased the hoses (including the steam kit for the dryer) and dryer vent off amazon. I had everything they needed. They came early. I intended to remove the old units from their pedestals. I had not done so. I offered to do so, they told they would instead. They obviously figured it would be faster if they did it rather than me.

      Bottom line – they jumped on the pedestal swap and had everything installed in less than 30 minutes. It was beautiful!

      As was discussed above, there is an ~2″ overhang in the back of the machines. The new machines also overhang the front by ~ 1/2″. If you want a perfect match, buy the new pedestals. However, I am quite satisfied with the look of the new machines with the old pedestals. They look nice.

  26. You are awesome Jim….Thanks for validating in 11/16 what we have been saying was the case for years, still using the pedestals used for over 15 years now 🙂

  27. I have the opposite problem. I have the WFW70HEBWO washer and dryer. I need to get pedestals but they are discontinued. Will the new model pedestals fit? If so what is the model number. Any help is appreciated.

    • Yes they should fit if it is a Duet Washer and Dryer, the old and new pedestals are the same, the machines themselves have gotten deeper so the machine actually hangs off the back of both the new and old pedestals. So if you buy a new pedestal for an older machine it will probably fit better than a new machine will. Go to the store and measure the new machine depth dimensions vs the machine you have at home. My guess is the one you have at home is smaller but the new pedestal will fit just fine.

  28. Just purchased a new Whirlpool Duet ’cause my 8 year old one died. Also received the same info regarding the pedestal would not fit. Didn’t believe it and all you fine people have verified my belief. I will be installing the old pedestal soon as I can line up some manpower. Will update all when done. Thanks for the great info. Whirlpool must hate you guys.

    • Update: Just installed the drawer and it fits just fine. so many thank yous to the community. Another testimonial to the greed of manufacturers.

  29. Crazy question, can 2 pedestals fit on top of each other (then the dryer)? Unfortunately, my laundry closet is really a tight fit and the closet doors don’t open all the way so can only open one drawer so curious if I can stack them to get use out of both drawers.

  30. Old Whirlpool Duet Pedestals worked for me on the WGD75HEFW0 Dryer and similar washer. The delivery guys were willing to accept a “tip” to take a shot at getting them mounted onto the pedestals. They couldn’t get the screw holes to line up, but they weren’t the brightest, either. I had them set the machines on top of the old pedestals (the drawers were removed from the pedestals in advance). After they left, I spend an hour or so and got them lined up. Keeping those rubber things on the top of the pedestal (corners) in place during the washer/dryer readjustments was probably the hardest part. They fit good and the holes lined up.

  31. Thank you so much!!!! I was going through the same thing and you’ve answered my questions!!!!

  32. We just bought a new Whirlpool washer model WFW92 HEF and dryer model WED92HEF. We replaced 14 year old duet machines that had original pedestals. The installers told us the old pedestals would not work on the new machines. I didn’t believe them. A day after they left I installed both old pedestals on the new machines. The new machines had metal screw predrilled holes in the exact position that was necessary to install the old pedestals. Saved myself 400$ by reusing them.

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