Gas Dryer Vs. Electric Dryer usage cost

So our dryer has finally died. We have lived in a house that has natural gas piped into the house for over 8 years. The catch was that we had bought a new Electric dryer before we moved into the house. So we now have the option of going gas or electric for the dryer. Everyone always says, it is a no brainer, go Gas over electric but I am a numbers person and always have to make sure I am making the right decision money wise. The other factor is, we now have a solar array on the roof that contributes to the electric bill.

In looking at several different sites and references on the web to this subject. I have seen many varying calculations, of course this would be the case since fuel rates and machines used will always differ from one household to another. But in looking at 3 different references, it is roughly .50 per load electric and .28 for gas, I used the cost of fuel in my area and general terms of machine usage. Almost half the cost for gas vs. electric. Again this is a rough estimate. Now that I know that, I will be able to go look at the gas user guides on the models I am interested in and hopefully they will fill in the missing portion for me but being that it is just over 1/2 the cost, I believe gas is the smarter way to go if it is available to you.

If anyone has gas over electric would love your feedback and any suggestions on models/brands would help as well 🙂



~ by debt2dreams on January 6, 2012.

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