New Way to get kids to do Homework/Chores

Not exactly a Money thing, but we all have our challenges.  Hey, I am a Mom and getting the kids to pitch in and do their fair share has been a challenge lately.  Trying to be fun and functioning I am trying a new “trick” to get the kids to help out.  They are into “centers” or “stations” so I have come up with a Clean Sweep Check-In point for when they come in the door off the bus.  They need to run around the house and find the table tents with different categories and complete the task and after they are both complete with the tasks, they get to open the secret envelope, which is a “Victory Lap” around the neighborhood, ie, play outside.  Here were my table tents that I scattered.

Snuggly Reading Couch–Formal Living Room Couch–for reading homework

Laundry Dash–Formal Living Room Table–that is where all the laundry is to be put away.

Mathmatics “Countdown”–Kitchen Nook Table–for math homework

Spelling Bee Stand-Off–Living Room Table–complete with their own tablets and pencils, for practice spelling tests

Clean Room Showdown–in hallway leading to their rooms

Dastardly Dishes “Dunk”–Kitchen, dishes–I figured I would give them some vocab along the way 🙂

Menu from the Martin Cafe–We are having a “Must Go” supper, everything in the frig….must go!!  So I put together a “Menu” they can choose from.

Morning Workout–station to confirm, bookbags, lunches, clothes are ready for morning routine.

Playroom Bonanza–Counter and Floor cleared out in playroom

I think this will be a hit in our house because Tyler is all about fun, games and competition.  Get creative, use silly names, whatever is going to help get the kids involved and get things done.

Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments section, to get the kids to help out with the house.

~ by debt2dreams on January 5, 2012.

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