The E-Reader Comparison–Pandigital won out for me.

So the Kindle and all the other e-readers are all the rage.  To say the least, I am a reading nut, LOVE to read.  Last July we jumped into the world of e-readers.  WOW, that was an experience.  We did it differently than most, we went backwards, since I am a frugal person who doesn’t buy books, I would go to the library every 2 weeks and load up to last me.  Well our local library introduced the epub cooperative(county wide cooperative so lots of libraries are involved).   We started researching based on what e-readers were compatiable with the library cooperative, at the time the Kindle was not one of them, this fall though they introduced that format, so please check the local library.  We then went searching at Best Buy, picked the geek squads brain.  I personally determined that I wanted a back-lit e-reader since I read a lot in bed at night.  Well that narrowed the field down, I soon realized all the cheaper models were not back-lit.  Soon I knew what I wanted and researched between brands.  Found a fantastic deal on the Pandigital for $139(super sale), this is the fully loaded, internet access, back-lit, droid app compatible, nook compatiable(lending abilities).  Basically a tablet without the crazy price.  I was comparing this to the Nook that was selling for $249.  Ahhh, that was easy, I went with the Pandigital.  Then staples had a flyer with a Pandigital in it, for $119.  Called Best Buy, they matched the price and was willing to sell us another at the same price.  BINGO, bought my parents their 50th anniversary gift.  So we knew this product was compatiable with the library, we soon discovered there are free books to get if you dig through barnes and noble website.  Score some more free books.  We have had it since July, I haven’t bought a book yet and have saved much in gas and time going to the local library.  What a fantastic bargain along the way.  So I would definitely recommend an e-reader, hubby and kids use the internet and all that, I just use it for my books.

Please share your experiences in the comments section, I sure could have used useful info when I was researching.



~ by debt2dreams on January 2, 2012.

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