Tips on Saving Money on a Wedding–take it from the Royals

I am all for saving money and my husband and had a great wedding and we didn’t go into debt for it. We didn’t use any of these tips but there are some fantastic points/tips that Prince William and Kate did you that can help any couple tie the knot without going into huge debt. The full article is cited below.

Tip One: Save money on the Engagement ring, if there is a ring in the family, it will not only have sentimental value but also will save the couple the money of a new one.

Tip Two: Throw 2 receptions, a larger one with less frills, and a more intimate one for closer family/friends. I believe this one is used much more often.

Tip Three: Do you have to wed on Saturday? Maybe the new trend will be Friday, it is definitely being considered vogue after the Royals.

Tip Four: You don’t have to go traditional on the who pays the bills. If one family offers any assortment of the festivities graciously accept, but of course beware of the potential strings attached.

For a full line up of things that can save you money by following the Royals, go to below link. But FYI, my hubby will wear a wedding ring, unlike the Prince….anyone know why that is?


~ by debt2dreams on May 7, 2011.

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  1. Darcey! You didn’t tell me you were doing this blog on wordpress! I love it! How I will find the time to catch up on all your posts!

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