How to take more time back in your schedule

I just read an article about making more use of your time or getting more things done with what time you have, I impliment most of the below listed strategies but it is always good to revisit such lists as a reminder when we fall into time wasting habits. A link is below for the full article.

1. Handle things once, ie, snail mail, email, voice mail. Set aside time and tackle whatever comes with it, get it done and move on.
2. Don’t listen to the news first thing in the morning….it is mostly depressing anyway and it distracts you from what needs to get done.
3. Make good use of waiting time, that should be a given. Use that idle time to get something done. With devices today there is no reason you can’t knock out some email or put something together from your to-do list.
4. Carpooling, saves half the time that can be used to do other things. This goes for activities for kids as well, team up with another parent and not only save time but also the environment and some money.
5. Make a decision and move on. I am completely guilty of this, look and look and look….don’t, set the timer for 45-60 minutes. Look then make a decision and don’t look back.
6. Lighten up the cleaning standards, Martha isn’t coming over this week, just go with the big stuff, the detail stuff can be hit less frequently. (My problem is I do this too well, I need to get to the little stuff more often 🙂 ) But what I believe I will do is set the timer to do that for say 15 minutes per day, anyone can scrub clean for 15 minutes.
7. Write it down, yes, I have things floating in my head….so I don’t forget, in which I most of the time do, if I would just write it down, then when I do have the time, I can tackle it without it weighing on my mind.
8. Turn-off technology during high energy time–this one is a keeper. Computer stuff I can do all the time, but housework, uggg, so if I break all distractions and just tackle what needs to be done, knowing no calls, no emails I can be twice as productive.
9. Monitor time-sapping activities. I have finely tackled my TV watching, I limit my shows to 2 per week. I don’t even start watching any at the start of the season so I get “hooked”, I have been slowly weening myself from night time TV and it has given me back my time. But this can also go for Computer stuff as well, they suggested in the article to set the timer and stop when the bell rings. That might be a great way to get your “fix” but not to get sucked in for the entire night.

I hope this list gives you some ideas of ways to help get a little more time back, I know it was a good refresher to me and I am going to re-impliment so of them today!


~ by debt2dreams on October 20, 2010.

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