How to Vacation cheaper…it is possible….

This style of vacationing isn’t probably for everyone, and I personally haven’t done it but ironically have gotten offers to do a home swap. Somehow when visiting New York City years ago, struck up a conversation with a waiter, that offered his apartment the next time we wanted to come to NYC, in exchange of course for our house here in Florida. We laughed at the time but after reading the article about home swapping for vacations, it really is a viable option if you can get over the fact that others will have full use of your home and you will stay at other people’s home. It is the concept that I am sure exploded with the movie, The Holiday, I think that was the name of the movie, but if you are looking for adventure and don’t know how to swing things, this may be an option. A quote that interested me in the article was this, “$115 for a year’s membership to the site, where I could browse opportunities to visit places like Greece, London, Iceland, or the Caribbean. Although most members offer their homes vacant, some are open to the adventure of personally hosting foreigners—what’s known as a hospitality swap.” I think we would personally be more interested in the hospitality swap, rather than have people roaming and using our stuff.

The full article can be found at :

If anyone has experience with this type of vacationing, please feel free to chime in and let us know how it went for you.


~ by debt2dreams on August 5, 2010.

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