Now they have to list your total fees and total interest for the year on CC statement

I like this, received my Chase bill and in a box in the middle of the page it has

2010 Totals Year-to-Date

Total Fees charged in 2010
Total interest Charged in 2010

I have to say this is a great feature and I am sure it was forced upon the Credit Card companies, it makes people face what they are spending on Fees and on Interest to Credit Card companies. Bravo for that!!! Since it isn’t buried in people’s balance maybe it will become a wake up call as people see their balance staying the same and that total amount paid to the credit card companies growing each and every month, and when the holidays at the end of the year come rolling around people are going to be sick with what they have paid to to the CC company, money they could have spent elsewhere.

The first step of getting your financial house in order is knowing where your money is going, this will really help people realize and face what their Credit Card debt is really costing them.


~ by debt2dreams on March 25, 2010.

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