Do you have your New Year and New Decade Money Plan?

Wow, so we are into 2010, weren’t we supposed to be living like the Jetson’s or something by now? It seems like we were just worrying about what would happen to all the computers for Y2K, now we are 10 years past that. Are you better off than you were in 2000? Do you want to be better off in 2020 than you are now? Don’t chuckle, it will be here before you know it. This isn’t to scare you but to put into focus that we can’t put off the future when it is just around the corner. My husband and I sat down this last week, took a look at how our 2009 went, glanced through our progress through this decade, looked at the plans we had previously put together and then onto our goals and where we were against those goals. That may get a chuckle out of you as well, actually sitting down with your spouse and discussing your financial future. For most it can be the fear factor of not knowing what will happen as you move towards retirement, trust me, it is amazing the peace of mind seeing things down on paper can be. I’ll give you an example, my dad feared silently for years that he would never be able to retire from being an electrician in Wisconsin, which can be very hard on a body as you age. One day my Mom said they needed to go in and see where the pensions and retirement was and to get a plan together, mind you Dad secretly dreaded this simple meeting for years. Well, low and behold, Dad’s relief was visible, he could retire anytime, and making more money than he was when he was working. Now, most of us won’t have that luxury of a pension BUT we can start planning and understanding, so we don’t sub-consciously eat ourselves alive with an unknown future. One of the things I do with my services is help people put on paper where they are today, where they will be in the future and a game plan as how to get there. Don’t wait until the next decade to think about it, doing small things today can make a HUGE difference for your future. You can go to the archives for Dec 2008, on the 26th, I had blogged about some small ideas that are timeless, and what you can do to jump start this decade on the right foot.


~ by debt2dreams on January 2, 2010.

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