Document conversations with Credit Card Companies

So I had an interesting day yesterday. Got my Capital One bill in the mail, the last one before I pay off my 0% offer that was to start accruing interest on Jan 24, 2010. Well it was much to my surprise that I had a $157 finance charge. I was not happy. I began by digging through my old bills, where I had taken notes when talking with Capital One associates that had confirmed when the magic date of paying interest would be. I had spoken to Sylvia(also her agent number) on March 10, 2009 at 3:02pm, and she gave me a date of Jan 24. I then called on July 30, to re-confirm that date, didn’t document since they gave me the date of Jan 22. Well those notes saved me some good money. It started with one associate, she was going to send me to supervisor, on hold and then was told to call back in 3 hours. Of course I did so, and I had another 3 hours to fume about the situation. Got another associate, asked to speak to a supervisor, explained everything again, mind you being put on hold several times and being told they cannot waive finance charges. I then asked for them to pull the tapes from either the March conversation or July conversation, I was sent up the chain again, finally got a hold of another supervisor’s supervisor. Well they finally ironed it out and have removed the finance charge AND moved my balance from the “purchases” category, that they moved it to, over back to the promotions which will come due with this next bill as originally stated. It took me 4 associates and being told numerous times that finance charges cannot be waived, I even went to the point of asking to pull the famous “training tapes”, that they always refer to for recording the conversations since I knew what I was told. So lesson learned, with truth and documentation on your side, they can do whatever they want and right the wrong.


~ by debt2dreams on January 1, 2010.

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