Happiness ranks #1 in wishes….

Tis the season for people trying to making children’s wishes come true. What is interesting about an article I read(see link below for full article) about what parents want for their children….happiness, above all else, “100 percent of parents chose happiness over wealth; 95 percent chose happiness over academic excellence; 95 percent chose happiness over fame; and 90 percent chose happiness over success.”

So maybe our society isn’t completely in the toilet, we still have our priorities right, at least on paper. Now what we have to constantly remind ourselves of is that pursuing all that superficial stuff isn’t going to make us happy either. The article went on to talk about ways of how to make our children, and ourselves, happy every day. It isn’t rocket science nor expensive, it is plain old loving each other, showing and communicating that love will create the happiness. It rolls back to the “Golden Rule”, treat others the way you want to be treated. I know, I know, easier said than done. But if we are helping making someone else happy, it is hard to stay unhappy yourself.

Especially in this busy time of getting ready for Christmas, we need to remember the more important things….



~ by debt2dreams on December 14, 2009.

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