Commit to a plan and put it on auto-pilot

I had a great and exciting conversation with a client the other day. Part of what I do as a Financial Organizer is to find out where people are today, and then help put plans/goals together to get them where they want to be(part of the $150 yearly membership). One of the tools I use is called the Pay-Off Calculation Worksheet, it is an awesome automated little tool that I created to help show how many months until payoff for each debt someone holds, and prioritizes them by APR, etc. If you want to do this yourself, just take the APR times balance, divide by 12, take away your payment, then deduct from balance, that is what you will pay down in a year.

Well I was working on one with a client and we were playing with the numbers adding to money she could use to pay down debt each month, the snowball effect was amazing and we had a very productive/realistic plan going forward as to how she could get where she wanted to be….faster. Since she is having it auto-debited from her paycheck, she doesn’t see the “extra” money and she can’t spend what she doesn’t get. Now her plans/goals are on auto-pilot and she doesn’t even have to sit down and crunch numbers each month, she knows what she has to work with AFTER her debt-free plan is paid for each paycheck and she lives off what’s left.

Commit to a plan and put it on auto-pilot…and before you know it, you will be where you want to be, painlessly as possible.


~ by debt2dreams on November 10, 2009.

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