Don’t sweat the stuff you can’t control….

Reading an article from Suze Orman, (link below), she had some good points, but the overall best thing I got from the article is stop worrying about things that you have no control over, sort of the concept from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, take care of the things in your circle of influence and don’t fret about things that you have no control over. For instance in your personal situation, you cannot control home values, if you are living in a home you like and plan on staying there…ignore the news stories, the website alerts, etc that are saying that the home values are taking a dive. Better to stay on your plan and not worry what “evaluators” are saying about your house. Same with your 401K or stock portfolio, you need to set up a plan that you are comfortable with and not look at what the ticker across the bottom of your screen is doing, and have that determine your day. If you are fretting you need to get more conservative so it isn’t running your life.

So take that time and fretting and put it to good use, set aside 1/2 hour per week(if you are a client, set up a phone call with me, we will come up with something for your situation!) to do something to improve your financial situation. Set up an auto-payment, or set up accounts on line so billing paying is just clicks away. Jot down your 2010 financial goals. Set up your D2D Money calendar to make sure all the bills are covered for 2010, with your spending plans in place. Set-up that rainy day fund through your paycheck. Research to see if you are over paying for car/life/health insurance, phone/internet/TV. Sit down and plan your financial week, bills, car fill ups, gifts need, groceries, date night. These are all the things that you do have control over and once addressed you will not lose sleep over your financial concerns. Last night I got a new client set up on the D2D Money calendar, he was shocked that everything was laid out in front of him and all he had to do is follow the Calendar and he never had to worry about not being able to pay a bill or running out of money. He said it was amazing and hard to believe that one tool could give him such peace of mind. If you want to test out the D2D calendar, email me and I will get you the remainder of the 2009 Calendar, FREE, to test drive. It will take less than 1/2 an hour to set up and it populates the whole calendar year.


~ by debt2dreams on November 5, 2009.

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