Aetna and 24hr nurse on call option

Okay, so I was a little skeptical myself on this one. We have health insurance coverage through Aetna and they have been talking up these health coaches as well as 24 hr nurse on call, you just call Member Services and the nurse is an option. I actually used the option last week and it worked really well, I was impressed with the professionalism and the knowledge and the confirmation of information that I was given. It also saved me a $30 co-pay, always a good thing with me. I will give you my example and I encourage you to try it if you have a question and have Aetna or if you have another insurance provider that offers you this service. My little girl, yes the same one who had H1N1, I hope this is not starting a trend with her. Well she slammed her finger in the door over the weekend, it instantly turned purple but we were able to stop the crying with a “special powers” ring, so we figured no big deal. A few days went by, a neighbor told us not to poke a hole in the nail or it could open everything up for infection, that we should just leave it. Well come Wednesday, it was ugly, she had a bulge in the area below her nail and it was all bruised. It didn’t feel hot to the touch but it looked pretty bad, I was tossing around the idea of taking her in because it looked that bad. I had a flyer from the mail advertising this nurse on duty thing with Aetna, so I figured it couldn’t hurt. I got right through, explained my situation, she asked some great questions, I answered them, she gave me some great info including confirming that poking a hole is a no-no, and gave me signs to look for, if those things happen, she said get in to see your Dr., this assured me that I was not under-reacting or being a bad Mom for not running to the Dr. Well none of those bad things happened, her nail is still black but the nurse also said this would go away, the bump in the area under her nail is gone and she hasn’t even mentioned it in days.

So lessons learned, try out those free resources it may give you a pleasant surprise and save you a few bucks. I will definitely be calling them prior to running to the Dr. in the future.


~ by debt2dreams on October 27, 2009.

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