Finding your “True North” and listening to your “AH-HA” moments

So yesterday I had an “AH-HA” moment, haven’t had a big one for awhile so I figured I would share it. I had called a friend/client yesterday to see how she was doing on some things that were going on with her; she was able to leave Corporate America a few years back to stay home with her kids. She said, “Darcey I got a call from the place I used to work and they want me to apply for a vacancy that has come open.” This would be no small job; it is a management position, with 6-8 workers answering to this position. At first I was super excited for her; it was a really challenging opportunity and flattering that they would call her to see if she would be interested. Then I said to myself, “What would I do if my old company called me back and offered me such a position or something similar that would stimulate me, would I take it?” The thought process and feelings I went through after this conversation were enlightening to me to say the least. My brain was going a million miles an hour….gosh that would be good to sink my teeth into, a challenge, but then I took a deep breath, I wouldn’t give less than 110% to a job, how would I handle that? I left Corporate America so I could stay home with my babies, now they are getting bigger, could I go back? I know I could do the job/career, I have no doubts in my abilities, and I would be a tremendous asset to the company, but at what price? I would be great at work but what would be left for the rest of my world? This is the “AH-HA”…..not much would be left. Yes it would be a win for the company, but those who would suffer would be those at home. I wouldn’t be able to see my son’s face light up when I came into his homeroom to volunteer. It wouldn’t be so easy to juggle if one of the kids got sick. The house wouldn’t be in order, the kids wouldn’t be running into the house after school and throwing their backpacks down and getting their stuff done so they could go out and play. Hot meals wouldn’t be on the table when dinner time came around. I couldn’t help organize and run racquetball tourneys for the Y. All these things started flying through my head; our family would be thrown into chaos, would I want to do that? For me the answer was no. I hadn’t thought of it much but the answer sort of surprised me, it was that quick. For other Mom’s, their career makes them whole, without it they wouldn’t be the great Mom that they are, I get that too. I guess what I am trying to say is that we all have to do what makes us happy and complete, no matter where those decisions may lead us.

This thing we call life isn’t always so easy to navigate through, it was good for me to go through this with my friend to figure out where I stood, I guess it is what they call staying “True North”, making sure you are where you want to be. Have you checked your “True North” lately? If you aren’t where you want to be, what can you do to change that?


~ by debt2dreams on September 17, 2009.

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