Organizing email using the create a rule feature….amazing results!

We all could use tools to help us keep our email in boxes under control. You may already know about this and I am just behind the times but I have to share this with you since it has done wonders for me. Judd was saying he was using this software that was automatically putting his email in folders so his inbox was relatively empty and it really helped him stay more on top of things. I started thinking, I wonder if that is what the Create a Rule button is on my Outlook 2007, so I looked into it, and low and behold that is exactly what it can do, so not only can I block senders like spam, I can automatically send stuff to certain folders so it doesn’t clutter the inbox, when I am ready to deal with certain email I go to the appropriate folder and can go through it, ie. facebook, various newsletters I get. As I get stuff still coming to my inbox, I decide is that worth a rule or not consistant enough to need one. This has cut down tremendously on the volume in my inbox and makes me that more efficient. It has been a HUGE time saver.

Try this and let us know your results.


~ by debt2dreams on September 6, 2009.

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