Interesting fun fact with the Cash for Clunkers program

So we have all heard the cash for clunkers program is ending as a smashing success, or at least that is what the media is portraying. I think this is interesting, the most traded in vehicle……the Ford Explorer, which maybe isn’t that big of a shock since it was a very popular vehicle and there was a spike in popularity a few years back, and now it is getting older and doesn’t get good gas mileage. What is the most popular car being bought as people are trading in those clunkers…..the Toyota Corolla. I actually was quite proud that people were watching out for uno number one, making a cheap, gas saving decision…..I say that because we made the same decision in June of 08. As you may know it isn’t the most “sexy” or powerful car out there, as my husband constantly reminds me, but it is a smart money decision, and it is only transportation and not an extension of your soul as many of the marketing pros would like for you to believe. But not only is it good for the individual but it is good for the environment…..maybe there was some good that came out of this program, I am looking forward for more info on the results, the verdict is still out for me. Was anyone able to utilize this program, if so what did you trade in and what did you get?


~ by debt2dreams on August 26, 2009.

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