Where do you fall? Are you in the norm with your spending?

I have been working with clients to see if they are available for the HAMP program. Of course every bank/lender seems to ask different questions and require different things, besides the magic 31% number. I was talking with Bank of America, and they asked all the detailed questions regarding bills and spending on misc things, ie food and gas. Well something interesting they do is plug in your numbers but he said he needs to put $2300, the range between $2000-$2600, this is your bills/spending that isn’t installment/revolving credit, or insurance. I thought that was interesting, looks like I fall below that number but we are pretty simple people and I try to save in all different areas but I figured I would share with you what the banks are seeing as reasonable spending/common bills for a household these days.


~ by debt2dreams on August 25, 2009.

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