10 minutes and I saved potentially $20 per month and doubling my Speed

So I was going through my old mail that I had not opened, one envelope being my cable bill which is bundled for TV, phone and Internet, luckily I actually opened it up(it is auto-drafted), my “combo plus” increased $10, well that was surprising, with no notice given, so I called up, and got it resolved and got it pushed back down the old price to meet the competitor’s price but the point being is that they would have milked me for an extra $10 every month for nothing. Now I am going back and getting double the internet speed that they want to charge an additional $10 for per month, which makes the total $20. Keep aware of what the competition is offering and make sure you are getting as good of deal on your current plan, if not request a price match. For 10 minutes of my time I saved $20 AND my speed increased 100%, not bad use of my time.

Let us know if you come across these things, the more people bring to our attention the more we will be informed


~ by debt2dreams on August 4, 2009.

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