Suze Orman’s three-step money pledge:

If you’re in debt, one way to see what it’s like to live with less is to take Suze Orman’s three-step money pledge:

Don’t spend any money for a day.
Don’t use your credit card for a week.
Don’t eat out in restaurants for a month.

I read this article that cited this, and figured I would pass it along for food for thought. This would be tough for me since we put everything on Credit Card, but we could do it with some planning.

Also, a month without restaurants, maybe it is easier to starting working on before you are absolutely forced to the situation. One way we have found to help the “craving” for eating out, is to figure out where we would go and what we would order and then put it on our shopping list and work it into our menu for the week. An example of this is, “Japanese Steakhouse” night, as my son calls it, I make fried rice, way easy, if I have squash/zucchini in fridge or on sale, and cut up sirloin/chicken in tiny cubes, I make a big deal of cooking it up and my kids found bamboo skewers in the pantry and use them as chop sticks.

So now if we go out and after eating out and getting the bill, I say, ugg, it wasn’t THAT good, was it? I probably could have made that. Now if we go out, we aim for it to be an “experience”, if it doesn’t fit in that category we probably can just make it at home and save some money.


~ by debt2dreams on August 2, 2009.

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