Finances-Spouses–and the depressing statistics….

I was reading an article on the Motley Fool regarding finances and spouses; the title caught my eye, so I figured I would read on. It cited a study Fidelity Investments did on how couples work together, some amazing stats on couples, where do you fall? Where do you want to fall? Talk it over, work towards what you want your relationship to be, yes it takes effort, but doesn’t everything worthwhile take a little work? And since Money is a big cause of divorce, doing this could be good not only for your money but your relationship as well. Here are the stats.

**15% of couples are confident in the ability of both partners to handle their finances
**Just 45% of couples jointly make decisions about their day-to-day finances (such as budgeting and paying bills).
**Only 38% discuss their retirement investment decisions.
**60% disagree on when they’ll retire
**44% have no consensus on working in retirement
**42% have different expected retirement lifestyles

These are great questions, I will be honest, even my husband and I haven’t discussed some of those questions. Looks like we have some work to do as well.


~ by debt2dreams on July 22, 2009.

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