It is the simple things in life….don’t forget that

It was a holiday weekend, most people having off F-S-S. People were taking off for weekend getaways, gatherings, celebrations. And we like everyone else had numerous options to choose from, but with my husband leaving this week on a business trip we decided to lay low for the weekend and just spend the time at the house. Well mission accomplished. We started off the weekend on Thursday evening, grabbing a bite to eat and heading over to the library to load up on books and videos. It was a great way to get the kids to help get the house cleaned up during the day…bribery at its best. We had an ultimately lazy weekend, a couple errands Friday morning and after that we didn’t do anything except hang out at the house, mostly by the pool, grilled out, did some landscaping and spent time with the kids. But the best part… was amazing. So we have a 4 and 5 year old, not real condusive to taking to a fireworks display, that time a night could cause major misery for us parents regarding children meltdowns. We decided to make a big deal out of the NYC fireworks on TV, the kids were so excited all day, another way to get help getting everything cleaned up/keeping things clean 🙂 So the time came and we turned the big screen on, turned out all the lights, we could hear fireworks outside and my son says, “Are those from New York?” Very cute. Anyway, I popped some popcorn and we curl up on the couches to watch the fireworks, kids on one and my husband I on the other, half way through my daughter climbs up on me and my son climbs up on my husband and says “I love you”, of course it turned into “I love you too” fest but it was the perfect moment, I know mushy. Anyway, I believe we have started a new tradition for 4th of July, it isn’t the hustle and bustle of throwing or going to a party or getting to a park to see the display, it is simply being together, and that doesn’t cost a thing.


~ by debt2dreams on July 6, 2009.

One Response to “It is the simple things in life….don’t forget that”

  1. Well said. :o)

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