Amazing Burgers to make and eat

So I was flipping through the channels last week and came across the food network and there was a segment about the best burgers, it looked so good so I figured over the weekend we would try our hand at a “creation”. I put 1 packet of hidden valley ranch dressing dry mix with a lb of hamburger; I had 2 lbs so I used 2 packets. I had it in my pantry so that is what I used; I believe it would also be good with good season’s dry Italian dressing. So I mixed the meat up and made a flat patty, then I put some pepper jack cheese, that is what I had in the fridge, but you could use mozzarella or cheddar, whatever you have or like, then I put more meat over it, flattened it made sure the sides were sealed and put them on the grill, I added garlic salt and pepper, but I believe it wasn’t necessary because the flavor of the burger was AMAZING, now it was a sizable burger, so you won’t get that many out of the recipe but if you are ready for a step up from the normal grilled burgers, WOW, you have to try this.


~ by debt2dreams on June 29, 2009.

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